Studying fashion we all have different ways of aiming to get our names out there in the fashion industry. Students will have a small business or a social network page such as Facebook or Instagram. I am more than happy to give my fellow LISOF peers a shout out.
Take a look. 


Lauren Sydne Matthews

Dansation South Africa

Lauren Matthews is a third year fashion student at LISOF. She is a member of Imperial Society of the Teachers of Dancing and is a qualified ISTD dancing instructor. Lauren’s studio specialises in modern dance from primary level to advanced 2. Lauren also has her own clothing line named after the studio that all her students wear during their exams.She teaches students of all ages and is always proud to see her dancers embracing and improving their techniques over time.
The Dancing Instructor herself

The Dancing Instructor herself

The Studio

The Studio

Her wonderful students

Her wonderful students

Dansation clothing line

Dansation clothing line

Facebook|Dansation South Africa


Kathleen Georgia Parrot

Candy Coated Pixels

Kathleen is 21 years old and is currently a third year student at LISOF. She is a qualified Makeup artist and Photographer. Kathleen works for parties, weddings, Matric Dances and Events through Makeup and Photography. She has her own business called Candy Coated Pixels, as she incorporates both her talents into one. Kathleen is more than a face photographer but is also into Animals, street life and Nature. Anything out of the ordinary. She is a very reliable person to work with and has the gift of never letting someone down 


Facebook|Candy Coated Pixels
Instagram @candy_coated_pixels


Jenna Lee Page

Jenna Lee Page Makeup

Jenna Lee is a third year fashion student at LISOF. One of the top makeup artist students. Her final design from last years Prac was chosen for the LISOF fashion show. Jenna Lee can do all sorts of makeup designs as she is known to be very creative and rebellious.  She is able to do beauty makeup, stage makeup and advanced creative makeup. Jenna Lee is also very loyal to MAC Cosmetics. She is currently working with Michelle Lee Collins, one of South Africa’s top MAC makeup artists. Jenna has gathered many skills over the years and can definitely be trusted. She calls herself an artist and a stylist.





Maseeha Bulbulia

Personal Trainer 

Maseeha goes by the nickname Missy. She is a second year student studying fashion at LISOF. Missy has a huge interest in fitness and health. She has managed to create a successful training career, where she trains women in their comfort of their own homes. her current rate is R300 per hour. Missy believes fitness and health is an important life factor. She is determined to transform you into the “best possible version of yourself.”





Be Transformed

Celeste Bohlmann

Celeste is a second and third year fashion student at LISOF. She has become a qualified beauty and runway makeup artist. She specialises in Matric Dances, Fashion Shows and Events. Celeste Bohlmann had the privilege to be involved in a LISOF project when Nicki Minaj came to South Africa. Her and a few LISOF students did a makeover on DJ Fix and transformed her into Nicki Minaj. DJ Fix walked through Sandton as Nicki Minaj raising money for concert tickets and give them away to 5FM listeners. Celeste is also highly talented with facecharts due to her creativity. She has a very passionate personality towards makeup knowing this is the exact industry she wishes to specialise in once she has graduated from LISOF.



Facebook|Be Transformed


Missy Snow

Missy snow is a second year fashion and makeup student at LISOF. She has recently started her own makeup brush range known as MASEEHA with various collections. Missy’s brushes are known for their synthetic quality and fine bristles. MASEEHA brushes all have different designs with unique collection names such as her Star Wars range called Lightsaber (latest collection) and her Metallic Wine set- the most popular collection at the moment.
MASEEHA brushes come in four sets- 24 piece, 21 piece, 12 piece and single pieces. Her prices range between R300-R600. The brushes are provided with beautiful bags to hold the brushes that come in various colours.
If you are one who collects brushes, MASEEHA brushes are an awesome brand to start off with. #worthit
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