2016 MET Gala Red Carpet
Top 4 Dresses 

The MET Gala is the annual celebration of The Costume Institution, where over 35000 garments and accessories represent five continents and seven countries from the 15th century to the present. This institution is only available for viewing at a certain time of the year. It requires a lot of research during the year as they collect new and historical garments. Once the research of that specific collection has been completed The Costume Institution will be available for viewing.

The Costume Institution is referred to as a historical fashion museum that holds a different story  each year. Recent events include exhibitions from designers such as Jacqueline Kennedy: The White House Years held in 2001.  Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy done in 2008 and PUNK: Chaos to Couture viewed recently in 2013.

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Kate Hudson: White cut-ot bridal gown designed by Versace
Kylie Jenner:Sheer and shimmering Jeweled Balmain gown
Kendal Jenner: Cut-out Versace Dress
Clair Danes: A Cinderella gown that lights up designed by Zac Posen