On the 29th September I was given the opportunity to work for the Matric farewell project. Quenette Smith, who is the organizer of this event, was kind enough to ask me to be her makeup artist and assist her in the project. The Matric Farewell Project is about creating an experience every young lady deserves, […]

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Drugstore Makeup

MAC, Bobby Brown, Dior, coco channel and the list goes on. These high branded Makeup lines are beautiful and loved, but not nearly as fun and creative as buying drugstore makeup where you can go makeup crazy without having to worry about your monthly allowance. Brands like essence, Ascot, Revlon, NYX, Gosh, Maybelline and many more […]

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On the Other Side of the Fashion Eye

The one thing I have learnt from being a fashion student, that it is more than clothing but also personality. Studying fashion has a variety of subjects that have their own thinking zone. The smallest details will make us look deeper within ourselves. From history to techniques you learn the most amazing things that only you […]

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Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is a top of the range super model. The lady has been on the cover of many magazines. She has represented top fashion brands when walking on the runway and also happens to be the daughter of Yolanda Hadid, who stares in the real housewives of Beverly Hills. The super model has been […]

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