From a girl to a woman


From when I was a little girl I have always had my mind-set on fashion, fashion that was all around me every day.  I am so in tune with the art of fashion I was able to identify trends when wearing uniform at school, the same attire the entire community would wear. Your whole lives you are surrounded by your loved ones and growing up with them each day or watching them grow up themselves is something very vague to most of us until you stop and ‘stare’.

One of my most important motto’s in life is “fashion defines your personality.” As a child you go through phases and one of the concepts that follow through with childhood phases is your everyday wear. Looking at the child and what he/she is wearing, it is an instant clue of what that child is so obsessed and passionate about. The exact same method follows through with wonderful puberty years and lastly the woman you have become today.

Be proud of the person you are, you may not know it or maybe you do know it, but your fashion style is a visual biography to those who walk past you every day. You are what you are and your fashion image will tell the whole story.