Drugstore Makeup


MAC, Bobby Brown, Dior, coco channel and the list goes on. These high branded Makeup lines are beautiful and loved, but not nearly as fun and creative as buying drugstore makeup where you can go makeup crazy without having to worry about your monthly allowance. Brands like essence, Ascot, Revlon, NYX, Gosh, Maybelline and many more have something very different about them. It could be the design of product or the texture of the product, either way drugstore brands have a different feel when purchasing the product.

There are faults in these products but at the end of the day brands like Bobby Brown and Dior do the exact same. Society of today is so brain washed by brand names they will allow themselves to abuse their wallets. When walking into drugstores stop and take a glimpse in the beauty isle. Look at those colours, the variety in those stunning eye shadow pallets and the amount of lip glosses you can buy for the price of one MAC lipstick. 

A woman fact would be “there is no such thing as too much makeup.” The next time you want to buy an eye shadow colour from MAC, use that amount to buy an entire pallet or a lipstick get the exact same colour and three others from that brand. Be considerate to drugstore makeup  #muchlove

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