An Underground Lifestyle


A stereotype is an oversimplified image of something or someone. They have never been seen as kind generalizations, only common, typical and judgmental statements. Metalheads are seen as individuals with an angry ‘who gives a fuck attitude’ but also see a different side to life weather it is dark or light. Metalheads fall under a music subculture more than a fashion one, as they are known to be very anti-fashion since the 1980’s with the Punk era. Metal Music has been around for years and has always stayed an underground lifestyle, involving the sub-culture’s style, interests and the music in general.

Having a metal fanatic boyfriend with friends of the exact same interests, I have learned more than one or two things about their lifestyle. Relating metalheads to fashion, it’s one of the last things they believe in; instead they will go with their own ‘anti-fashion’ style. Metalheads are band t-shirt Nazis, especially when it comes to the most popular bands or an original band that unfortunately no longer exists, example Nirvana. They have a very basic colour palette- black, grey, shades of red and dark purple. Metalheads hairstyles are also known for describing their sub culture in a nutshell, long hair, dreadlocks, spiked or an everyday messy look covered by a cap or a beanie.

This sub-culture has always had my best interest. What they wear and listen to speaks every word for them as an individual. Metalheads hear and see their everyday lifestyle through lyrics. Metal bands are not dark or angry because of who they are, but listening to their words they are the only ones who actually realise and have an idea of what’s going on around us, something most of the world is highly oblivious too.