On the Other Side of the Fashion Eye


The one thing I have learnt from being a fashion student, that it is more than clothing but also personality. Studying fashion has a variety of subjects that have their own thinking zone. The smallest details will make us look deeper within ourselves. From history to techniques you learn the most amazing things that only you will know the true feeling to.

Fashion is a matter of tracking back to where it all started and how to improve it in the present, as this is one of the many definitions for Fashion. You as an individual are surrounded by fashion every day. When one looks around and relates the world to fashion, whatever stands out in your eyes will help you understand the lifestyle. From logos, to silhouettes, to colours themselves. Being a forecaster an open mind is the main key. Fashion opens you to a wider world by just the outfit you have put together to look good today. Weather you are dressed for an interview or a day to feel sexy. Different responsibilities are involved in each option.

Fashion students all have one personal thought in common. We see fashion further than a passion or lifestyle but as a pathway to confidence and womanhood.